Exposing the Lies, Deceit, and Evil of Morris, Honeycutt, and Cabarrus Jobs Now

The link below is to an article penned September 28, 2014 by Cabarrus County Commissioner Jason Oesterreich. It lays out the truth behind what has happened with the newly elected County Commissioners and one current commissioner and their ties to a very dubious group. It shows that they are not above telling outright lies to fool the voters of Cabarrus County.



Cabarrus County School Board Community Meeting!

Cabarrus County School Board to hold Community Meeting!

The board will meet for a community meeting from 6:30 to 8:00 PM on Tuesday September 23, 2014, at Northwest Cabarrus Middle School, 5140 NW Cabarrus Drive Concord, NC 28027. NW Cabarrus Drive runs between Trinity Church Rd. and Kannapolis Parkway.

“Chairman Blake Kiger said Monday that it will be an open forum where the community can address the board and board members can have more interaction than they do during the guest speaker portion of the business meetings.” (Independent Tribune Friday 9-19-14)

If you are concerned about an of the following:
1. Your children’s education,
2. the condition of the school facilities here in Cabarrus county,
3. the proposed spending on maintenance & repairs,
4. the proposed budget for new schools,
5. out of control testing brought on by the implementation of Common Core Standards,
6. public accountability regarding spending by the school board,
7. taking money out of the instructional budget to pay for security,
8. addressing the STEM programs and opening it to more students not just the best and brightest,
9. spending by the school board of $355,000 (1/3 of the actual annual cost) on School Resource Officers,
10. addressing wasteful spending and accountability to the tax payers who fund our school system,

or any number of other subjects, then this is the time to bring your questions to the forefront and get some serious answers or at least open the discussion for future resolution of these issues.