Who is Earl Schecter?



Schecter and Hillary Who is Earl Schecter?

Why in the world would someone like Earle Schecter be seeking election as our North Carolina State House Representative? The people of the 82nd district would receive better representation if they elected a Martian to public office. At least, theoretically, a Martian would have studied our local culture and learned about our way of life in an attempt to appear as “one of us.” Earle Schecter is not just an outsider to our way of life in North Carolina, he is literally opposed to all the ideals and values that have made our state the kind of place that attracts someone to relocate from the liberal shambles of a New York City. And then instead of embracing our success, he would obstinately try to change us; leading to inevitable catastrophic consequences.

Earle Schecter has no public record of serving in office and he is trying very hard to keep his ultra-liberal leanings under wraps by giving broad, vague, and generic politically-correct answers to interview questions. However, a Google search on his background reveals the hardcore progressive underneath the thin “moderate” veneer. A quick look at his official Facebook page shows the obvious connections between Schecter’s personal views and the disastrous votes this “friend of Hillary” would cast in Raleigh. Information gleaned from sites such as The North Carolina voter guide at “I Side With” reveals the following about Schecter’s true political objectives:

  • He is hand-in-hand with Big Labor and extreme activist groups such as SEIU. In fact, his degree from New York State University is actually in Labor Studies.
  • He does not believe in the Second Amendment and would seek to pass more ineffectual “gun control” laws that would infringe upon our personal rights.
  • He is an ardent advocate of abortion on demand.
  • He is a cheerleader for Obamacare – and would zealously work toward a single payer system.
  • He is in favor of unsustainable fiscally irresponsible policies such as government bailouts to Big Banks and private industries.
  • He is a great supporter of full amnesty to illegals – along with handing out goodie bags of government welfare “freebies.”
  • He actually states that to remove the debacle of Common Core from the classroom would be a violation of the “civil rights” of our children!

Earle Schecter obviously does not champion North Carolina values. It is obvious his political priorities are NOT what is best for Cabarrus County. And it is obvious that he does not have the personal best interests of his intended constituents at heart. Earle Schecter is literally a New York City transplant that wants our vote NOT so that he can represent us, but, rather, so that he can inflict his progressive ideology on us. It is inconceivable that a candidate like Earle Schecter would even seek such a local office as our Representative, much less actually receive the vote of a bonafide citizen of Cabarrus County.