Cabarrus County Commission Meeting On Sewage Sludge

Next Stop Cabarrus County
Next Stop Cabarrus County

Cabarrus County Commission Meeting On Sewage Sludge in Our Communities- Please Attend and Be Heard

Please join the members of the Gold Hill and Midland Communities in attending the Cabarrus County Commission Meeting on December the 15th to discuss the expansion of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg sewage sludge spreading program into Cabarrus and surrounding counties.

As you may know, Cabarrus County operates a “poo to power” facility that turns sewage sludge into electricity. Charlotte-Mecklenburg wants to expand their sewage sludge program to include more sites in Cabarrus County as well as re-permit existing sites in Cabarrus County.

This is a conflict since Cabarrus County does not spread any of their own sewage sludge on farmland; rather it is turned into electricity. This reduces dependency on coal, eliminates coal ash and helps the economy of Cabarrus County.

While the poo to power facility cannot handle 100% of Charlotte’s sewage sludge, this facility has the capability to handle the sewage sludge proposed in the expansion as well as any currently being disposed of on Cabarrus County and Gold Hill Community farmland by Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Just remember, we have strength in numbers and your opinions/thoughts/concerns are extremely valuable and MUST be heard.

The Cabarrus County Commission is in a unique spot to impact upcoming decisions on sewage sludge spreading in our communities; your voice WILL be heard at this meeting.

Meeting Date/Time:

Monday, Dec. 15, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.


Commissioners Meeting Room
Cabarrus County Governmental Center
65 Church St. SE
Concord, NC

If you have questions, contact Luke Riley at 704-279-5110