January 2015 Monthly Meeting

Let’s get 2015 started off “RIGHT”!

Please join with other Conservative minded friends as we share food and fellowship while hearing from a highly motivated Patriot,

Vince Coakley.


6:30 Buffet Dinner ($10.00 per person)
7:00 – 8:00 Meeting
8:00 – 8:45 Social time
Troutmans BBQ
1388 Warren Coleman Boulevard
Hwy 601 Bypass
Concord, NC 28027

Vince Coakley’s Bio.


  • Vince Coakley is a former broadcast television journalist, anchor, and radio host in Charlotte, North Carolina, and formerly a candidate for North Carolina’s Twelfth Congressional District.

    Vince made the decision to run for Congress after a great deal of prayer, reflection, and counsel with his family. Through this deep and personal process, Vince focused on the dysfunction in Washington and Congress and how it is adversely affecting the families of the Twelfth District.

    After much deliberation, Vince concluded Democrats and Republicans are both to blame for the record debt, dearth of quality jobs, and oppressive regulations that are impeding our economic recovery and opportunities for families and small businesses of the Twelfth District. For these reasons, Vince Coakley decided to run for Congress in the 2014 election cycle on a platform highlighting personal freedom and liberty above political parties and labels.

    In order to create more jobs and strengthen our economy, Vince believes we must prioritize freedom, liberty, and opportunity ahead of Democrat and Republican politics. These are the eternal principles that guided our Founding Fathers in creating our Constitution which created the greatest nation on Earth, and that will resurrect the United States as the most free and prosperous nation full of opportunity for all.

    Vince’s primary passion is God’s glory. As a minister of the Gospel, he works in partnership with other leaders to help believers live as healthy functioning priests in the Body of Christ.

    Vince and his wife of 21 years, Debbie, live in Charlotte and are the proud parents of four children.