Sewer Sludge Bill Introduced

A bill to allow local control of Sewer Sludge application has been introduced by Representatives Larry Pittman, Carl Ford and Michael Speciale.

HB 61 Local Control/Land Application of Biosolids.

This bill would ALLOW the citizens of each county and local municipality to make decisions about what happens in their communities. Most importantly this bill does not require a county to do anything, but will simply ALLOW the local county to do this if they so choose.

The NC League of Municipalities is opposed to this bill because it returns the control of these decisions to the local citizens.

This is what NC League of Municipalities had to say: Legislation Could Change Land Application Regulations

HB 61 Local Control/Land Application of Biosolids was filed Monday and is scheduled for a committee hearing next week. The League opposes this bill because it would limit land application practices and disrupt well-established law that leaves regulation of biosolids at the state and federal levels. By allowing county boards to dictate how residuals from wastewater utilities are disposed, the bill could prove costly for municipal utilities if they are forced to change their treatment processes. The bill is expected to be heard next Thursday in House Committee on Local Government. Contact: Sarah Collins

They are admitting that this bill “would limit land application practices which is the intent of the new legislation. It is returning the power to the people at a local level. Who better than Local County Boards should have the responsibility to regulate these applications, through public notice to the people and providing them the right to say what they want or don’t want applied in their communities. This is desirable over bureaucratic control from easily influenced politicians who don’t have any stake in what happens locally.

Please contact the members of the House Standing Committee (listed below) and encourage them to move forward with HB61 and to vote in support of this change to our existing legislation. In addition contact Sarah Collins at the NC League of Municipalities and tell them you want their support of this change as well.

Local Government

House Standing Committee

  • Meets Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. in 643 LOB


Chairman Rep. Davis
Chairman Rep. Ford
Vice Chairman Rep. Langdon
Members Rep. Ager, Rep. Boles, Rep. Brawley, Rep. R. Brown, Rep. Burr, Rep. Cleveland, Rep. Faircloth, Rep. Farmer-Butterfield, Rep. Fisher, Rep. Floyd, Rep. G. Graham, Rep. Holley, Rep. Jeter, Rep. Luebke, Rep. Pendleton, Rep. Ross, Rep. Setzer, Rep. Szoka, Rep. Warren, Rep. Watford

Link to House Standing Committee

Tell NCGA No More Taxes on our Gas!

When is Enough really Enough?

Taxed Enough Already
Haven’t we sacrificed enough?

Things looking rather dicey in House for

NC Chamber’s gas tax hike

legisOur sources in the lower chamber on Jones Street tell us that the vote on the gas tax hike / ”revenue stabilization” nonsense that passed the GOP-dominated Senate with flying colors will face much more drama in the House. I’m told there are a surprising number of Democrats who are not interested in backing this “dog.” One Republican legislator told me:

”This could very well go down to the wire. A good chunk of the caucus is not happy with this bill. But the leadership, the lobbyists, and the governor are twisting some arms hard. They want this bad. This bill is not good for the people. It’s not good for the party. It kills our reputation as the low-tax, small-government party. If people don’t get on the phones and burn up the lines here, voicing their displeasure, this is going to pass and the government will be taking even more money out of their pockets.”

twstSources tell me the legislation is packed with all kinds of extraneous elements — shades of the Tillis era — that could force some legislators to vote against some good, important things in their fight against the gas tax hike.

The NC Chamber has put out an economic study — authored by an engineer, curiously — promoting the gas tax hike. The document bears the highly- Orwellian title “Diversifying Revenues to Improve Commerce and Economic Prosperity.

You may recall that the Chamber is behind those horrible TV ads claiming that our kids are going to DIE unless we agree to pay more taxes and take on more debt. The arguments for this boondoggle sound hauntingly like those made in defense of Barry Obama’s stimulus. And we all know how, um *well* that turned out.

John Locke’s Roy Cordato put together an excellent piece tearing the NC Chamber and its “study” a new one:

Read More Here:

We need to pick up the phones Monday morning and call our representatives in Raleigh. Tell the to vote no on any new gas taxes. Remind them that we are elected them to cut the size and cost of North Carolina’s government.

Find your representative at this Link: