Open Letter to NC 8TH Congressional District


To the citizens of the NC 8th District;
It is now obvious beyond any shadow of a doubt that your “Representative” Richard Hudson is nothing but a rubber stamp for the GOP Establishment and is joined in an extremely unflattering way to Speaker John Boehner. After weeks of Hudson staffers’ assurances that Mr. Hudson wanted “nothing more than to hear from his constituents” and was working feverishly to “finalize the logistics of a Town Hall event,” the truth was finally revealed by Hudson Chief of Staff Chris Carter today, Monday, August 24, 2015 that Representative Hudson is just not that into us.

According to the ridiculous line now being put out by his staff, Mr. Hudson had already scheduled his August recess (including, it would seem, bathroom breaks) down to the final millisecond many, many weeks ago. Mr. Hudson is, indeed, very, very, really, really, truly, truly, sorry but, you see “there simply isn’t any time available.” So, somehow our public servant who has time to flip coins at ballgames and show up at any event that allows him to wear a hard hat for a photo op before picking up another campaign contribution, just cannot seem to squeeze in any time at all for the ones who actually pay his salary through their taxes. Just because the votes he casts against your best interests and wishes affect you daily, doesn’t mean he can take any time in his daily schedule to actually talk to you about it.


It would also seem that Mr. Hudson’s precious time is booked up by events that are so much more valuable than his voters, that it is impossible to share exactly what those events are with his constituents beforehand. None of his staffers ever seem to know exactly where he is or what he is doing, but they know whatever it is, it only involves “working hard for us.” But, luckily Mr. Hudson was kind enough to share how what he has been up to after the fact in a nauseating August 23rd letter back home to the yokels. In this press release, Representative Hudson crows:

You sent me to Congress to do the job right by being a principled conservative who is willing to work across the aisle and fight for you and your priorities. I’ve worked hard not only to hopefully exceed your expectations, but also to make myself as accessible as possible, represent you the best that I can, and help make life better for you and your families.”

Uh, no, Congressman Hudson, we didn’t send you to DC – your GOP Establishment cronies such as Eric Cantor purchased your seat in order to stop a true Conservative from being sent to Washington. We also do not want you to be “willing to work across the aisle and fight” – which is a political oxymoron if ever there was one. You have never sought to represent us, since to do so would cost you your precious Establishment entitlements. You also have made yourself as difficult to access as possible in an attempt to run out the clock on any Town Hall event which would allow your constituents to share how you are failing to exceed even our lowest expectations.


But at least we know, as our Representative continues, that we can all

“Rest assured, the best part of my job is working for you – you’re the boss!”

Excuse, me, that line makes me throw up in my mouth a little. If we’re the boss, Mr. Hudson, then in the words of Donald Trump, “You’re fired!” Or at least you will be after your next primary.
Richard Hudson concludes his missive with the statement

“All-in-all, it was a productive week in the district, and I’m looking forward to continuing the important conversation this week.”
“Productive,” of course, is political speak for “picking up those campaign donations.” And as for “continuing the conversation”? Are you serious? When did you ever begin a conversation with your constituents? You’ve been avoiding us the entire August recess! But, on the offhand chance you really are serious about having a conversation with us, just let us know about one upcoming event on that top secret “hard working” schedule of yours. We’ll take care of the rest.

Obviously the only time that Congressman Hudson really wants to hear anything from his “Constituents” is when he wants us to go to the polls and vote him into office once again. Really?

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