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Asks for Evidence – Called A Bully!

Yep that pretty much sums it up for many of us North Carolina Republicans. We have been seeing and hearing all about the ongoing conflict between the NCGOP Chairman, NCGOP Executive Director, their accompanying supporters and what the Grassroots people refer to as the Ruling Elite Establishment Republicans.

We have been seekicalledAbullyng the truth, evidence of who, what and why there is such a divide and conflict going on here. Unfortunately we have been either ignored belittled or bullied.

This all began prior to Chairman Hasan Harnett being elected at the 2015 NCGOP Convention, where candidate Harnett had reserved a hospitality suite for the convention and just before the convention was to begin “SOMEONE” from the NCGOP called and had the room canceled. These attempts to undermine the duly elected Chairman have continued to what can only be termed “Ridiculous!”

We have two different versions of this story for your consideration. First is from Chairman Hasan Harnett in his March 25, 2016

Message to NC Republicans

I hate that this internal conflict has boiled over and gone public. I have tried for many weeks to get this resolved privately. My name and reputation have been attacked. I am a volunteer Chairman. I sacrifice my time, honor, and fortune for this party. I want nothing more than it to grow and be a successful organization. Read More

Next we have a very well crafted explanation from a member of the Central Committee, Assistant Secretary of the NCGOP Scott Cumbie, who also posted his comments on March 25, 2016.

A Resolution of No Confidence

On March 20, 2016, the Central Committee of the NCGOP passed a Resolution of No Confidence in the current Chairman of the NCGOP. Since then, there have been many public postings and statements made by the Chairman and others concerning this matter. Since the issues that brought the Central Committee to this point should have been dealt with within the Republican Party and not in public, the Central Committee has limited what it has stated publicly in hopes the Chairman will work with the Central Committee on a resolution. Read More

3sidestoastoryMuch has been made of this conflict on social media with lines being drawn in the sand and separating many into diametrically opposed camps. This is causing a great divide in the Republican party of North Carolina at a critical time regarding the future of our State and Nation.

Cabarrus Conservative Alliance has been made aware that there are ongoing efforts by some well intended members of the Republican Party to broker a meeting of the primary parties in this conflict without any outside interference from well wishers, party officials or any others who have a bone to pick on this matter.

CCA-PAC challenges Chairman Harnett, Vice Chairwoman Michele Nix, Ex. Director Woodhouse, Kim Cotten West, the 3rd district Chairwoman, Ken Robol the website coordinator for the 3rd district NC GOP and Tom Stark NC GOP General Counsel to accept the help of those who are working toward brokering a private meeting to discuss this matter and to resolve it once and for all for the benefit of the registered Republican voters of North Carolina. Referencing Rules for Patriots, Rule #6. Winning is more important than who gets the credit. We have some very important elections coming up this year and Republicans winning those seats is and should be paramount to our efforts.

The registered Republicans of North Carolina deserve better than this from our Party Leadership and we are all pretty much fed up with the infighting, petty bickering and efforts by some to outright sabotage the success of our Party and the duly elected Chairman and Vice-Chairwoman. We are tired of the finger pointing and the defaming of good people. We want to see our party united and working on a common goal. That goal would be the election of a Republican President and as many down ticket seats as possible in November 2016.

The National Republican Party has already made it known that they would prefer 8 years of Hillary Clinton as President over allowing the will of the people to decide whom they want as their Presidential Nominee for 2016 by instituting a Brokered Convention where the Party Elite force a different Nominee on the Republican voters. The Republicans here in North Carolina simply are not going to sit down, shut up and fall into line with that kind of thinking. We are better than that and we deserve better from our NCGOP officials.

If you are a Registered Republican, we highly encourage you to get involved in your state party operations. If you attended your County Convention and the Precinct meeting you are qualified to attend the District, State and National Conventions. Please do everything in your power to get to those upcoming Conventions and make your voices heard.

Referencing Rules for Patriots, Rule #5. Government goes to those who show up. If enough of us show up and speak up we have an opportunity to make a difference. If not then we will continue to see the same ole tired and failed policies we are all upset over today. Please work to be a part of the Solution not a part of the Problem.

It is our hopes that those principally involved in this conflict will work together to settle this matter before the Convention. If it is not resolved, then the next move is up to the Executive Committee who will take up this issue at the Convention in Greensboro. There are between 500 and 600 members of that Committee and it will be up to them to accept or reject the recommendations of the Central Committee in regard to this matter.

Who is behind the political attack ads?


Cabarrus Jobs Now has mounted an enormous and costly effort to discredit a true Statesman, gentleman and champion of Conservatism in the person of NC House District 82 Representative Larry Pittman.

As reported by Nationally acclaimed blogger Lady Liberty 1885 they are broadcasting an attack advertisement on Time Warner Cable across Cabarrus County’s 82nd House District which as of the latest information available has cost them over $71,000.00.

We have done some fact checking on the allegations they raise in this ad and find once again that they are telling out and out lies about Rep. Pittman’s record in the NC House.

Rep. Pittman has and continues to be ranked among the most conservative members of the house as evidenced by Civitas ranking as the 13th most Conservative member in 2013 and the most Conservative member in 2014.

In addition Grass Roots North Carolina has ranked him 4 stars (their highest rating) as the most gun friendly Representative) for the entire time he has been in the House.

Partners for Educational Freedom recently sent out a mailer acknowledging his efforts and thanking him for “Giving parents the power to choose the school that works best for their children.”

He was instrumental in the passage of House Bill 371 which will allow designated members of the National Guard to carry concealed weapons in public facilities such as recruiting centers and armories and was recognized by Maj. Gen. Gregory A. Lusk, adjutant general of North Carolina National Guard who presented him with “THE NORTH CAROLINA NATIONAL GUARD CIVILIAN COMMENDATION MEDAL” in August 2015.

There are numerous other examples we could mention here but suffice to say the indicated attack ad is totally false and is intended to do nothing but cast aspersions on a hard working Constitution supporting Conservative who puts the needs of the voters first and stands up to the corruption, waste and cronyism that is found both in Raleigh and right here in good ole Cabarrus County.

So you might be thinking who are the people and businesses who are contributing to the lies being spread by Cabarrus Jobs Now or as we lovingly refer to them the “Liars Club of Cabarrus County politics?” Below we have listed a few of the top contributors as reported by

You can click on the title below to see the full report.
Cabarrus Jobs Now “527” Political Organization
Contributions, Expenses, & Filing Information

CJN Top ContributorsAnd just for the record if you are wondering who the founding members of this group are, the Concord Independent Tribune reports …..

Now just what are we going to do about this?

We would like to suggest that it might be interesting and worth your time to inquire of these business owners and private donors why they would be supporting such an organization as Cabarrus Jobs Now?

Ask them if they are aware of how this organization is spending their donations and if they support these deceitful tactics?

Ask them if they are comfortable with their name being directly linked to an organization who has repeatedly put out television attack ads and mailers that were blatant lies against good people.

Then we encourage you to post your findings back here in the comments section. It might be an interesting conversation to say the least and many of these donors might not even know what is being done with their money.

In addition if you feel these deceitful tactics should be countered we ask you to make a generous donation to Cabarrus Conservative Alliance so that we may continue our work of exposing these dirty political activities and to once again restore truth and honesty in the election of our representatives here in Cabarrus County and all of North Carolina. Just click on the donation button above or send a check to Cabarrus Conservative Alliance PAC, 705 Mooresville Rd., Suite 103, Kannapolis, NC 28081. We are required to gather the following information from all contributors contributing over $50, the full name of the contributor, the address, employer and occupational information.

OUCH! Harrisburg is not Fischer or Newton Country.

OUCH! Harrisburg is not Fischer or Newton country. While Hillary Clinton only had 6 people to greet her in Texas yesterday Michael Fischer and Paul Newton were able to one up her! They had 7 community members show up for their event.

Cabarrus Jobs Now hosted a Meet and Greet event for NC House District 82 candidate Michael Fischer and NC Senate District 36 candidate Paul Newton Thursday evening at the Harrisburg Town Hall Community Room. If turnout is any indication of how Harrisburg feels about these two candidates their time in the political spot light may be short lived. The event hosts outnumbered the community attendees with only 7 members of the community taking advantage of the event and hearing from the candidates.

Founders of the group who has become known as the “Liars Club of Cabarrus County politics” Cabarrus Jobs Now, Diane Honeycutt (Current Cabarrus County Commission Vice Chariman) and Steve Morris (Current Cabarrus County Commission Chariman) were there.

In addition the City Council of Harrisburg was well represented with Mayor Pro Tem Benita Conrad, Chad Baucom and Chris Barfield making up a portion of those in attendance. Chad Baucom welcomed everyone and introduced the candidates while also offering several questions to the candidates during the Q & A portion of the event.

What seemed to be extremely telling was the fact that there was a total of only 18 people in attendance and of that number only 7 were members of the community at large.

This would lead some to question the viability of both Mr. Fischer and Mr. Newton as serious contenders for the NC House District 82 and NC Senate District 36 seats.

In addition it may be a very telling sign that the citizens of Cabarrus County and Harrisburg do not buy the lies told by Cabarrus Jobs Now in the last County Commissioner election and that they are not interested in any candidates that this group of liars would support and endorse for any office.

Fool Me Once!
Fool Me Once!

What’s the old adage? “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” It looks like Cabarrus County voters have seen the lies and are not going to fall for them a second time.

It’s very unfortunate that some people, some rather prominent people of Cabarrus County have been fooled by the “Liars Club of Cabarrus County”, Cabarrus Jobs Now! The list of Hosts for this event read like a list of Who’s Who among Cabarrus County Business people.

Event Host List
Event Host List

We would hope that many of these “Hosts & Supporters” have been led astray by the Liars Club of Cabarrus County Politics and that once they are made aware of whom it is that makes up this group and what the history of this group is, they will quickly and publicly renounce their “Support”.

We believe the voters are smart enough to discern for themselves the difference between a truly Conservative candidate and these fakes who only talk about being Conservative, who only talk about representing the voters when in fact they will be representing either special interests like CJN, big business (like Duke Energy) or are working to further their own political careers. The alternative being those representatives who truly seek to represent the voters of Cabarrus County and work to protect our rights and to help make Cabarrus County a great place to live, work and raise our families.