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Somebody hit a Nerve!

OOPS! It looks like someone somewhere hit a nerve! Actually we find it very interesting that Mr. Lewis would post something like this on his FaceBook page.

OOPS!Some how we find this entertaining, kinda like the ole adage “If this isn’t the Pot calling the Kettle Black?” It seems that when these tactics are used against honorable “MEN” like Rep. Larry G. Pittman, NC House District 82, that is just looked upon as Politics As Usual. However when it hits a little closer to home and Mr. Lewis’s group of choice is not the one telling the lies or demeaning the “OTHER GUY” then it’s time for the long claws to come out. (Of course we do live in the south and it is the honorable thing for Mr. Lewis to stand up in defense of his wife, Amy Blake.) Oh and just a fleeting thought, we wonder why Amy Blake chooses not to use her married name Lewis? Never mind we are getting off subject.







Yes we would all be Rolling On the Floor Laughing if it were not so sad. We understand that either the Cabarrus Jobs Now group or their “Candidates of Choice”, Mr. Paul Newton and Mr. Michael Fischer have aligned themselves with the highly controversial campaign adviser Dee Stewart. For anyone who follows NC Politics that name should be very familiar as he has advised many highly controversial campaigns over the years. From what we are told, all of which were famous for dirty politics, mud slinging and out and out lies.

Cabarrus Conservative Alliance has no ax to grind where Mrs. Amy Blake(Lewis) is concerned. We simply believe that her very narrow focus on education, (regardless of how much we agree that it is an important issue) leaves a lot of other issues of equal importance to North Carolina voters out. As pointed out, she is an extremely successful educator and overall an extremely nice and likable lady. Unfortunately for Mrs. Amy Blake(Lewis) the voters in NC Senate District 36 want someone who has a broader focus and is not so laser focused on one issue.

Parish Moffitt for NC State Senate District 36
Parish Moffitt for NC State Senate District 36

That is why Cabarrus Conservative Alliance is promoting a candidate who we believe is equally as concerned about multiple issues like Parish Moffitt who’s platform shows how he views more of the issues than just Education.


His website indicates he

  • Supports Reduced Taxes
  • Supports Responsible Government
  • Supports 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Supports Life
  • Supports Education
  • Supports Business and Growth
  • Opposes Toll Roads

We find ourselves in an extremely unusual situation. That being, we agree with Mr. Lewis about at least one thing. The tactics taken by the Cabarrus Jobs Now Group and their candidates of choice Paul Newton and Michael Fischer against any candidate running for office is wrong. On many occasions we have found our Conservative values in conflict with the positions of many candidates running for office. In every case we have worked hard to point out the differences and to always tell the truth about those candidates backed up with factual information that is publicly available to everyone. Therefore, Cabarrus Conservative Alliance does condemn any push poll, advertisement, mailing or anything else that tells lies about any candidate. Pointing out a difference in positions is one thing, prevarications and outright lying is something quit different.

Don’t forget, Voter Registration Deadline for Statewide Primary – 2/19/2016 8:00 AM. Applications must be received by close of business on this day. One Stop Early Voting starts March 3, 2016 and the Statewide Primary is March 15, 2016.

This is the year for you to have your Conservative voice heard, get out the vote, encourage your friends and neighbors to learn about the candidates and if you can take a friend or neighbor to the polls with you to vote. There is a lot at stake this election cycle and every vote counts.

OUCH! Harrisburg is not Fischer or Newton Country.

OUCH! Harrisburg is not Fischer or Newton country. While Hillary Clinton only had 6 people to greet her in Texas yesterday Michael Fischer and Paul Newton were able to one up her! They had 7 community members show up for their event.

Cabarrus Jobs Now hosted a Meet and Greet event for NC House District 82 candidate Michael Fischer and NC Senate District 36 candidate Paul Newton Thursday evening at the Harrisburg Town Hall Community Room. If turnout is any indication of how Harrisburg feels about these two candidates their time in the political spot light may be short lived. The event hosts outnumbered the community attendees with only 7 members of the community taking advantage of the event and hearing from the candidates.

Founders of the group who has become known as the “Liars Club of Cabarrus County politics” Cabarrus Jobs Now, Diane Honeycutt (Current Cabarrus County Commission Vice Chariman) and Steve Morris (Current Cabarrus County Commission Chariman) were there.

In addition the City Council of Harrisburg was well represented with Mayor Pro Tem Benita Conrad, Chad Baucom and Chris Barfield making up a portion of those in attendance. Chad Baucom welcomed everyone and introduced the candidates while also offering several questions to the candidates during the Q & A portion of the event.

What seemed to be extremely telling was the fact that there was a total of only 18 people in attendance and of that number only 7 were members of the community at large.

This would lead some to question the viability of both Mr. Fischer and Mr. Newton as serious contenders for the NC House District 82 and NC Senate District 36 seats.

In addition it may be a very telling sign that the citizens of Cabarrus County and Harrisburg do not buy the lies told by Cabarrus Jobs Now in the last County Commissioner election and that they are not interested in any candidates that this group of liars would support and endorse for any office.

Fool Me Once!
Fool Me Once!

What’s the old adage? “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” It looks like Cabarrus County voters have seen the lies and are not going to fall for them a second time.

It’s very unfortunate that some people, some rather prominent people of Cabarrus County have been fooled by the “Liars Club of Cabarrus County”, Cabarrus Jobs Now! The list of Hosts for this event read like a list of Who’s Who among Cabarrus County Business people.

Event Host List
Event Host List

We would hope that many of these “Hosts & Supporters” have been led astray by the Liars Club of Cabarrus County Politics and that once they are made aware of whom it is that makes up this group and what the history of this group is, they will quickly and publicly renounce their “Support”.

We believe the voters are smart enough to discern for themselves the difference between a truly Conservative candidate and these fakes who only talk about being Conservative, who only talk about representing the voters when in fact they will be representing either special interests like CJN, big business (like Duke Energy) or are working to further their own political careers. The alternative being those representatives who truly seek to represent the voters of Cabarrus County and work to protect our rights and to help make Cabarrus County a great place to live, work and raise our families.

They are everywhere!

After CCA-PAC succeeds in forcing Fletcher Hartsell into retirement with the introduction of Parish Moffitt, the only creditable and significant replacement for Hartsell, the last minute want-to-be’s came crawling out of the woodwork!

Full field of contenders for NC Senate District 36
Full field of contenders for NC Senate District 36


In District 36, which spans Cabarrus and Union counties, the unexpected last minute “Retirement” announcement of Republican Sen. Fletcher Hartsell has drawn four Republicans who signed up to replace him.

Navy veteran Parish Moffitt, anesthesiologist Scott Aumuller, former Duke Energy state president for North Carolina, Paul Newton, and educator Amy Blake (Lewis), wife of Attorney John Lewis of Concord.

Let’s take a hard look at those running to replace now retiring NC State Senator Fletcher Hartsell.

Parish Moffitt for NC State Senate District 36
Parish Moffitt for NC State Senate District 36

First we have Parish Moffitt, a family man, strong Christian, accomplished former Military man who has worked himself up in the Airlines Industry. A strong Conservative who supports Limited Government, removing regulations that impede business development and growth and is tired of corrupt politicians. A proponent of traditional marriage, gun rights, anti-abortion as evidenced by his stand against Doctors recommendations to abort the birth of his first born. He is a proponent of Teachers and the return of local control of our education system while adamantly opposed to Common Core in North Carolina Schools. A true working class, citizen servant, candidate who believes Government needs to follow the Constitution as written. See more here

Parrish brings to mind a Trump/Cruz type of candidate, a political outsider who tells it like it is and is guaranteed to shake things up because he is not one of the “good ol’ boys” who will just play politics as usual and sell out his constituents.


Dr. Scott Aumuller
Dr. Scott Aumuller

Next we are asked to consider Dr. Scott Aumuller, a practicing Anesthesiology who has been in practice for 30 years. We were unable to find anything online that would help us to understand his reason for running or what his position is on anything. This would leave us asking the WHY question. Someone, virtually unknown, who wants our vote without giving us any insight into why he wants to hold such an important elected position.

Dr. Scott Aumuller is kind of like presidential candidate George Pataki. Who? That’s right. Why is he even running?

Paul Newton
Paul Newton

Third on the list is former Duke Energy state president for North Carolina, Paul Newton. Seriously, a quick search of public records shows Mr. Newton ** (see correction below) has not voted in any North Carolina Elections since 11/3/1987 and is a faithful donor to the Duke Energy Corporation PAC. This might lead us to believe that Mr. Newton is certainly a proponent of Big Business with strong ties to Big Government. We wonder just what his motivations for running may be? There doesn’t appear to be any campaign website with any information as to what his platform or beliefs might be. Again someone asking for our votes without our knowing anything about his motivations or positions on the important issues.

Update 3/3/2016
** Mr. Newton recently contacted CCA-PAC and brought to our attention that the information on his voting record was not accurate and that we must have looked at the record of a different Paul R. Newton. In the spirit of always being truthful and accurate we rechecked our information source and did in fact locate a valid voting history of this Paul R. Newton. His record does show he has consistently voted in Cabarrus County since 1992. We appreciate Mr. Newton reaching out to us and helping us to set the record straight. That we have done. In addition he has asked for a public apology and an retraction. We have considered his request and will be happy to do that when he publically condemns the CJN ads against Rep. Larry Pittman and rejects their support of his candidacy. It’s up to Mr. Newton now!

Paul Newton can be looked at like a Lindsey Graham who is running for reasons that have NOTHING to do with his constituents.

Amy Blake-Lewis
Amy Blake-Lewis

We find ourselves left with educator Amy Blake, wife of Attorney John Lewis of Concord. Ms. Blake (Mrs. Lewis) has close ties to the Hartsell political machine that Cabarrus County has been suffering under for about 25 years. So why would we think for even a skinny minute that she would be anything more than an extension of that machine. She is obviously a member of the Republican Establishment Elite that so many of us are tired of as shown in her own words where she calls herself an ” Educator, moderate politico, Republican Leadership Initiative Fellow.” She is a proponent of Common Core believing that it should be the method of instruction for North Carolina Educators and she is a proponent of Pro Choice group.

Amy Blake-Lewis makes us think of a Jeb Bush type of candidate, continuing the political dynasty of a corrupt GOP Establishment that has only a dismal record of selling out on principles.

For Constitution Supporting Conservatives, at this time there appears to only be one choice as a viable replacement for a Senator who has been forced into retirement because of his actions, the threat of Criminal Prosecution, the opposition of Cabarrus Conservative Alliance – PAC and the voters from right here in Cabarrus County who are tired of the corruption in Raleigh by some of our elected officials.

It’s time to keep the Lawyers and professional big government politicians out of power and empower the people once again by electing Constitution supporting Conservatives into office and then keeping vigilant watch over them, their votes and letting them know what We The People want them to do on our behalf.

We don’t need any more representatives like Fletcher Hartsell who looked 8 Cabarrus County voters in the eye and said ” I have been up here over 20 years, I vote the way I want to and I don’t care what the people back home think!” Fletcher Hartsell, in the hall of the House Office building.

Cabarrus County needs and deserves better, we need a Senator who will listen to the people, who will work for the good of all Cabarrus County Voters and who will use the Constitution and Conservative values and principles as his guide in making the right decisions about governing “For the People”! Cabarrus County needs Parish Moffitt to serve them as their next Senator in the North Carolina General Assembly.

F. Paul Valone says, This is my call for a pact of survival.

Please read this from our friends at Grass Roots North Carolina! It may just help to save not only your life but also that of your family, friends or neighbors!


Gun Rights Supporters:

This isn’t just a fundraising letter. Hell, it isn’t just a call to political action. This is my call for a pact of survival.

Before the bodies in San Bernardino were even cold, the man who can’t be bothered to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism” made it abundantly clear whom he considers to be the real “threat.”

Yes, in his world ISIS is just a ‘JV team,’ and Barack Hussein Obama considers you, the lawful gun owner, to be the real “terrorist.”

Ignore, for a moment, that BATFE reports the weapons used were purchased legally (as in, with background checks). Never mind that California bans what it claims are “assault weapons.” And forget that, by initial reports, the perpetrators weren’t even on the terrorist watch list.

Set aside even the fact that France’s draconian gun bans failed to keep ISIS from getting fully automatic AK-47s.

Forget all that because they are secondary to the fact that the President of the United States wants to render you defenseless against exactly the animals who want to kill you.

‘…a rifle behind every blade of grass…”

My first request to you is not political, not in the conventional sense. And it is most certainly not a request for money. Instead, I am about to ask you for something far more important, and more dangerous.

In part, I suppose I’m asking for civil disobedience. Excoriate me if you will, but here is what I propose to spread across the entire United States: During World War II, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said: “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”

I am asking you to stand behind those blades of grass. Frankly, few have the guts to say it, but as demonstrated in France and San Bernardino, even a response just minutes away leaves your loved ones dead in seconds. To stop terrorism, your response must be immediate.

What that means…

Carry concealed everywhere: If you don’t have a permit, get one. If North Carolina’s arcane permit laws prohibit you, get one from another state (which will be valid here). If you need to not drink when you go to a restaurant, then don’t. As for “gun free” businesses and offices, I cannot provide advice but say only that as of December 1, a violation of that statute is no longer a misdemeanor, but only a civil infraction (albeit with a $500 penalty). Yes, full-time carry is a pain in the patoot. But as guru Clint Smith puts it: “Carrying a gun isn’t supposed to be comfortable, it’s supposed to be comforting.”

Train, train, train: Personally, I just took John Farnam’s excellent course, “Armed Response to Terrorism.” Just carrying a gun you aren’t trained for might not provide the benefit we need. Accordingly, in coming weeks we will create a list of North Carolina instructors.

Be prepared to defend innocent lives: Develop the combat mindset. Learn Jeff Cooper’s color code of awareness (and never be “Condition White”). Get books like “Principles of Personal Defense,” or “Warrior Mindset.” Learn John Boyd’s “OODA Loop.”

It is your duty to respond

If you’re like me, whenever Obama or the media start spouting garbage about “gun violence,” I just want to turn off the TV and ignore them.

But you can’t. In fact, it is your duty to defeat those who exploit tragedy to steal your freedom.

Right now, Senators Harry Reid (D-NV) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are scheming to introduce amendments to the a budget bill which exploit San Bernardino to push universal gun registration (under the misnomer “universal background checks”) and to ensure the government could simply deny your ability to buy a gun – without due process – by arbitrarily placing you on the “terrorist watch list.” (And in case you think that’s a good idea, check out “7 Ways That You (Yes, You) Could End Up On A Terrorist Watch List”.)

To stop the impending threat, I need you to do 3 things:

  • Go to Even if you have already signed the petition, make sure everyone you know signs it too.
  • Contact your US House Rep and both US Senators: Tell them you will not compromise on gun control, and that instead, they should be working to reduce the number of “gun-free” victim disarmament zones like the Inland Regional Center. Contact Senator Thom Tillis HERE or go to: Contact Senator Richard Burr HERE or go to: To identify your representative and get contact info, go HERE or to:
  • Help GRNC stop Obama, Reid and Schumer: Whether the theater of operations is Capitol Hill or the 2016 elections, rest assured the battle for gun rights is very much alive, and we need the resources to fight! Please join or donate to GRNC by CLICKING HERE or going to:

As always, GRNC will be on the front lines in defending your rights against both the Jihadists who want you dead and the leftists who would enable them.

Armatissimi e liberissimi,

F. Paul Valone

President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Executive Director, Rights Watch International

P.S. If you have already contributed, I thank you. If not (or even if you have), please consider $50, $25 or even $10 to help GRNC fight for your rights. I vow to put your money to more efficient, effective use in defending your rights than any other organization.

Parish Moffitt to primary Fletcher Hartsell

Parish Moffitt

to primary

Fletcher Hartsell

Cabarrus Conservative Alliance is excited to report that
a primary challenger has emerged to run for NC State Senate District 36!
December 4th, 2015
CONTACT: Parish Moffitt
(704) 425-6648
parish@parish4ncsenate.comPARISH MOFFITT ANNOUNCES CANDIDACY FOR NORTH CAROLINA SENATE DISTRICT-36 SEATCONCORD, NC, December 4, 2015 – With family, friends and supporters at his side, Parish Moffitt formally announced today his candidacy for North Carolina Senate District 36 seat.
In his announcement, Moffitt described his campaign for office and his vision to see a return to government “of, by, and for the People.””I am one of you; one of ‘We the People’,” said Moffitt. “I believe that my life’s experiences, professional attributes, my abilities, skills, political philosophy, and rational understanding of the issues uniquely qualify me to be an authentic representative of the great people of Cabarrus and Union county and position me as the best candidate for the North Carolina Senate in 2016.”Thomas Jefferson said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”. Parish’s long held values of honesty and integrity were instilled into him at an early age and then reinforced while he served in the US NAVY. “There are some that believe a little slip of omission from time to time is acceptable; however, as was engrained into my very fiber these little omissions eventually result in casualties”, said Moffitt.

“I believe that North Carolina, America, and the Republican Party need to recommit to the enduring principles on which America was founded: limited government, free markets, personal liberty, and most importantly personal responsibility,” Moffitt proclaimed. “We need to stop acting like there is shame in holding fast to conservative values and principles! We need new, fresh, honest, and principled leaders who have the courage and conviction to recommit to those principles. We need a Senator whose motivation for seeking elected office is not driven by what’s best for him; but, rather, by the desire to serve the People as a public servant.”

Parish Moffitt is a Flight Deck Captain with PSA Airlines (a subsidiary of American Airlines), a North Carolina Paramedic and Rescue Technician, Serves as the chairman to the Board for a non-profit, is a United States NAVY veteran, and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of North Carolina School of Government. Parish and his wife Jacqueline live in Concord. One daughter, Sarah, lives at home with Parish and Jacqueline, and is majoring in Early Education. Their other daughter, Steffany, is majoring in Chemistry, and plans to teach high school after graduation. Parish and his family are active members of First Presbyterian Church in Concord, North Carolina.

To interview Parish Moffitt, contact him at or (704) 425-6648

Cabarrus Conservative Alliance PAC would like to encourage you to investigate this candidate and learn all that you can about him as the Primary elections will be held March 15, 2016.

Ronnie Long – Founder
Cabarrus Conservative Alliance

The Campaign Lies Begin Early in Cabarrus County

Well that didn’t take long! On day one of the 2016 registration for candidates Michael Fischer, who is supported by the Cabarrus Jobs Now organizers whom you should remember were proven to have sent out printed lies in the last Cabarrus County Commissioners race has kicked off his campaign by spreading lies. Specifically, in this article from the Independent Tribune, December 1, 2015 Michael Fischer made this statement…

“Tuesday Fischer said the $100,000 figure was not accurate. “We’ll raise whatever is necessary to run a competitive successful campaign.”

That statement was in response to the following:

In October, Pittman wrote a letter to the editor stating that Fischer’s supporters, Cabarrus Jobs Now, were trying to raise $100,000 to unseat him. He said the most he had ever raised for a campaign was $40,000 in 2014 and he didn’t spend all of that.

Also for the record here is the letter which Rep. Pittman was referring to. Please pay close attention to the last paragraph.

MichaelFischer letter-smIt clearly states “Michael needs to raise $100,000 before the end of the year… now notice the rest of that sentence about making the race competitive and getting his message out. By now we should all know what that message will be… MORE LIES, just like those put out by the CJN group in the last Cabarrus County Commissioners race.
Here are a couple of reminders in case you forgot about those lies….

CJN Printing Lies about County Commissioners
CJN Printing Lies about County Commissioners


Now in addition to this, you may be asking yourselves why would a successful young attorney with a prestigious law firm in Charlotte decide to take time away from a lucrative six figure career to go to Raleigh for a job that pays less than 1/3 that amount? We will let you answer that question for yourselves.

More importantly we should be asking who is funding him and why?

Look no further than the above letter signed by several of the organizers of the Progressive group Cabarrus Jobs Now. Current Cabarrus County Commissioner Diane Honeycutt, Cyndie Mynatt, daughter of current Commissioner Grace Mynatt, and Hotel Chain owner Doug Stafford.

One would ponder just why are these and a few other influential business people, some who are actually registered Democrats of Cabarrus county supporting Michael Fischer to oppose Representative Larry Pittman who has a very conservative record?

Representative Pittman has shown that he consistently stands strong in support of the voters of Cabarrus County against corruption and waste in Raleigh and has actively worked to help our Teachers, Highway Patrol, and Retired state workers. A representative who has fought tirelessly for our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms (2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution) a man who took the lead in fighting to remove Common Core from our Educational System and who continues to work to reduce the size and intrusion of government into our daily lives and our pocket books.

We must wonder if Mr. Fischer is so willing to saddle up with those who would out and out lie about these things, just what would he be willing to do if he were allowed to go to Raleigh and collude with the corrupt politicians who have taken over the Republican majority as reported in this article by the DailyHaymaker?

The choice is yours, whom do you want representing you in Raleigh? A proven Constitutionally Conservative and honorable man Larry Pittman, or another lawyer supported by an organization which has been proven to be corrupt and willing to outright lie to get their chosen person elected?

Isn’t it time we let our voices be heard and our values properly represented by those whom we elect and send to office on our behalf? Shouldn’t we demand honesty and integrity from our elected representatives? If the answer to these questions is YES then your choice for NC House District 82 Representative should be glaringly clear.

Open Letter to NC 8TH Congressional District


To the citizens of the NC 8th District;
It is now obvious beyond any shadow of a doubt that your “Representative” Richard Hudson is nothing but a rubber stamp for the GOP Establishment and is joined in an extremely unflattering way to Speaker John Boehner. After weeks of Hudson staffers’ assurances that Mr. Hudson wanted “nothing more than to hear from his constituents” and was working feverishly to “finalize the logistics of a Town Hall event,” the truth was finally revealed by Hudson Chief of Staff Chris Carter today, Monday, August 24, 2015 that Representative Hudson is just not that into us.

According to the ridiculous line now being put out by his staff, Mr. Hudson had already scheduled his August recess (including, it would seem, bathroom breaks) down to the final millisecond many, many weeks ago. Mr. Hudson is, indeed, very, very, really, really, truly, truly, sorry but, you see “there simply isn’t any time available.” So, somehow our public servant who has time to flip coins at ballgames and show up at any event that allows him to wear a hard hat for a photo op before picking up another campaign contribution, just cannot seem to squeeze in any time at all for the ones who actually pay his salary through their taxes. Just because the votes he casts against your best interests and wishes affect you daily, doesn’t mean he can take any time in his daily schedule to actually talk to you about it.


It would also seem that Mr. Hudson’s precious time is booked up by events that are so much more valuable than his voters, that it is impossible to share exactly what those events are with his constituents beforehand. None of his staffers ever seem to know exactly where he is or what he is doing, but they know whatever it is, it only involves “working hard for us.” But, luckily Mr. Hudson was kind enough to share how what he has been up to after the fact in a nauseating August 23rd letter back home to the yokels. In this press release, Representative Hudson crows:

You sent me to Congress to do the job right by being a principled conservative who is willing to work across the aisle and fight for you and your priorities. I’ve worked hard not only to hopefully exceed your expectations, but also to make myself as accessible as possible, represent you the best that I can, and help make life better for you and your families.”

Uh, no, Congressman Hudson, we didn’t send you to DC – your GOP Establishment cronies such as Eric Cantor purchased your seat in order to stop a true Conservative from being sent to Washington. We also do not want you to be “willing to work across the aisle and fight” – which is a political oxymoron if ever there was one. You have never sought to represent us, since to do so would cost you your precious Establishment entitlements. You also have made yourself as difficult to access as possible in an attempt to run out the clock on any Town Hall event which would allow your constituents to share how you are failing to exceed even our lowest expectations.


But at least we know, as our Representative continues, that we can all

“Rest assured, the best part of my job is working for you – you’re the boss!”

Excuse, me, that line makes me throw up in my mouth a little. If we’re the boss, Mr. Hudson, then in the words of Donald Trump, “You’re fired!” Or at least you will be after your next primary.
Richard Hudson concludes his missive with the statement

“All-in-all, it was a productive week in the district, and I’m looking forward to continuing the important conversation this week.”
“Productive,” of course, is political speak for “picking up those campaign donations.” And as for “continuing the conversation”? Are you serious? When did you ever begin a conversation with your constituents? You’ve been avoiding us the entire August recess! But, on the offhand chance you really are serious about having a conversation with us, just let us know about one upcoming event on that top secret “hard working” schedule of yours. We’ll take care of the rest.

Obviously the only time that Congressman Hudson really wants to hear anything from his “Constituents” is when he wants us to go to the polls and vote him into office once again. Really?

For more information or to get involved with Cabarrus Conservative
Alliance – PAC, please visit our blog page at, our facebook page Cabarrus Conservative Alliance, on twitter @ccp_pac or send us an e-mail to

High Noon with Representative Richard Hudson

HIgh Noon With Hudson

Join Us for

High Noon with Representative Richard Hudson

Friday, August 14th Noon

325 McGill Ave NW 500

Concord, NC 28027


During the 2014 election which saw the Republicans take back the Senate and increase their majority in the House, we the people were made specific promises and assured definite action on: repealing Obamacare, stopping amnesty, ending tax payer funded abortion, strengthening our military, and reining in the lawlessness of this current Administration.

Sadly, in the months since then we have seen Obamacare AND amnesty actually funded by our GOP House majority through Cromnibus and other funding measures. We have seen the Senate capitulate on defunding the inhumane crushing, dismemberment and selling of unborn babies in the slaughterhouses of Planned Parenthood. We are on the verge of creating a nuclear Iran which is intent on wiping “The Big Satan’” of the United States and “The Little Satan” of the nation of Israel off the face of the earth. We have watched our Republican majority double down on their impotency by adamantly refusing to use their Constitutional power of the purse. All of this has happened under the leadership of the current Speaker of the House John Boehner. We can be certain that if John Boehner is allowed to continue as Speaker, given his vindictive measures against Representatives who “get out of line” by actually attempting to keep their word to their constituents, there is ZERO chance of any GOP Rep keeping his campaign promises.

Representative Mark Meadows (11th District) understands this and has taken the bold step to file a Motion to Vacate the office of Speakership and replace John Boehner with an effective leader who will uphold the principles of the Constitution and the platform of the Republican Party. Replacing John Boehner as Speaker is the first and most obvious action which will enable the GOP majority to begin to keep the promises they made to us during this past election.

Representative Richard Hudson is now serving his second term as our US Representative here in the 8th District. Just as our fellow North Carolinians are using the August Congressional recess to meet at the offices of their Representatives, we in the 8th District cannot let this opportunity pass. On Friday, August 14th at 12 noon we will meet at Representative Hudson’s Concord office at 325 McGill Ave #500 to present our concerns and hopefully hear his solutions.

We want SPECIFIC answers, not platitudes and generalities, to these specific questions:


  • We know that Representative Richard Hudson is firmly Pro Life. Therefore, specifically WHAT is Richard Hudson willing to do in order to defund Planned Parenthood? Does he think saving the lives of millions of unborn children is actually worth shutting the government down?


  • We know that Representative Richard Hudson is pro-military and for a strong national defense. WHAT specifically is Richard Hudson willing to do in order to stop the Iran Treaty from being enacted? Does he think it is worth shutting the government down to protect the nation of Israel and to stop this treaty from going forward? On the Democrat side we’ve already seen New York Senator Charles Schumer sacrifice his potential political future in order to stand against this suicidal treaty. Is our own 8th District Representative willing to take this same stand?


  • Representative Hudson has stated he “opposed Meadows’ resolution, [saying] that it would divert attention from the Iran agreement.” WHY does Richard Hudson support the failed leadership of John Boehner and believe that he should retain the Speakership? WHAT specific actions can Richard Hudson point to which demonstrate how John Boehner has shown strong leadership in upholding the Constitution, the GOP Platform and standing up to the current Administration? WHY does Richard Hudson think the GOP’s record of losing battle after battle will alter given the current Leadership?

Representative Hudson, we, your constituents WANT to believe in you. We WANT to believe you are standing up to the DC Establishment. We WANT to believe you are fighting to keep the promises you made to us. The time has come for you to SHOW us by taking an active public stand – even if it costs you your political career – by stopping the taxpayer funding of murder through Planned Parenthood, the taxpayer funding of terrorism through the enabling of a nuclear Iran, and the taxpayer funded failure of GOP Leadership through Speaker John Boehner. We in the 8th District will stand with you – but you have to SHOW us that you are standing up for us.

Get Schooled on the Electoral College

Double Feature

Do You Understand the Electoral College?


The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College

Dear Friend,

When political wonks debate the merits of the Electoral College, do you yawn with boredom? Or, do you passionately believe we should scrap this confusing (to many) and complicated method of selecting our next president in favor of a majority-of-votes-wins system? Maybe you have only the vaguest idea what the Electoral College is and, frankly, couldn’t care less. If any of these describe you, check out this week’s two-video double-release. In Do You Understand the Electoral College? and The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College, author and lawyer Tara Ross explains the Electoral College in a way that will make you perk up next time the topic is raised. Here’s why:

Electoral College
Electoral College

Click above or here to watch this video

You’ll learn exactly what the Electoral College is, and why it’s an ingenious system that protects us from the tyranny of the majority, makes it harder for political machines to steal elections, and makes it almost impossible for big states to marginalize small states.

NVP vs. Electoral College
NPV vs. Electoral College

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You’ll also learn about the National Popular Vote, which is the current effort to destroy the Electoral College. The idea of giving the presidency to the winner of the most votes is seductive — it sounds reasonable and fair. Ms. Ross explains why you should think again before jumping on the NPV bandwagon.

In just ten minutes, you’ll understand more about the Electoral College than most politicians — including how the Electoral College is crucial to preserving the liberty that we all enjoy. Watch the videos here
and let us know what you think.


Marissa Streit

Chief Operating Officer

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Support HB 463



To see the actual draft of the bill click on this link: HB 463 Text

Many Citizens of Cabarrus County have indicated a desire to increase the size of the Cabarrus County Commissioners Board in an effort to have better representation for all areas of Cabarrus County. In light of recent articles in the Independent Tribune (Cabarrus among nation’s fastest-growing counties) about the growth of our county this is certainly an idea whose time has come.

It is important that we let Representatives Ford and Pittman know that we support their efforts and we need to tell the current Cabarrus County Commissioners that this is something we want them to embrace as well. In order to make that much easier we would like to ask everyone to please sign this petition “Expand Cabarrus County Board Of Commissioners”
Please share this e-mail with everyone you know in Cabarrus County and help us get this change made so all Cabarrus County voters voices and their interests might be better represented.

Thank you for your time and efforts in support of this issue.
Ronnie Long
Cabarrus Conservative Alliance – PAC