Get Involved

Why should any of us support or oppose any candidate or issue? Simply put… because it’s directly affecting our lives, the lives of our families, our children, our grand children, our communities, our neighbors, our cities and our states, even our nation. Our conservative ideals are being attacked from every direction imaginable.

The big question is who’s looking out for me… for you?
What can we do to make sure we put an end to these attacks and change the commentary?
It’s time for us to quit reacting to the objectionable ideology the Progressives are trying to shove down our throats. It’s time for us to take the fight to them instead. It is time for us to drive the commentary, for us to demand our voices be heard and the other side starts getting what they have been dishing out for so long. It’s time we take back our Christian, Constitutional Conservative values and put an end to the progressive attack on our nation.

Wanting to do something, thinking about getting involved?

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