Open Letter to NC 8TH Congressional District


To the citizens of the NC 8th District;
It is now obvious beyond any shadow of a doubt that your “Representative” Richard Hudson is nothing but a rubber stamp for the GOP Establishment and is joined in an extremely unflattering way to Speaker John Boehner. After weeks of Hudson staffers’ assurances that Mr. Hudson wanted “nothing more than to hear from his constituents” and was working feverishly to “finalize the logistics of a Town Hall event,” the truth was finally revealed by Hudson Chief of Staff Chris Carter today, Monday, August 24, 2015 that Representative Hudson is just not that into us.

According to the ridiculous line now being put out by his staff, Mr. Hudson had already scheduled his August recess (including, it would seem, bathroom breaks) down to the final millisecond many, many weeks ago. Mr. Hudson is, indeed, very, very, really, really, truly, truly, sorry but, you see “there simply isn’t any time available.” So, somehow our public servant who has time to flip coins at ballgames and show up at any event that allows him to wear a hard hat for a photo op before picking up another campaign contribution, just cannot seem to squeeze in any time at all for the ones who actually pay his salary through their taxes. Just because the votes he casts against your best interests and wishes affect you daily, doesn’t mean he can take any time in his daily schedule to actually talk to you about it.


It would also seem that Mr. Hudson’s precious time is booked up by events that are so much more valuable than his voters, that it is impossible to share exactly what those events are with his constituents beforehand. None of his staffers ever seem to know exactly where he is or what he is doing, but they know whatever it is, it only involves “working hard for us.” But, luckily Mr. Hudson was kind enough to share how what he has been up to after the fact in a nauseating August 23rd letter back home to the yokels. In this press release, Representative Hudson crows:

You sent me to Congress to do the job right by being a principled conservative who is willing to work across the aisle and fight for you and your priorities. I’ve worked hard not only to hopefully exceed your expectations, but also to make myself as accessible as possible, represent you the best that I can, and help make life better for you and your families.”

Uh, no, Congressman Hudson, we didn’t send you to DC – your GOP Establishment cronies such as Eric Cantor purchased your seat in order to stop a true Conservative from being sent to Washington. We also do not want you to be “willing to work across the aisle and fight” – which is a political oxymoron if ever there was one. You have never sought to represent us, since to do so would cost you your precious Establishment entitlements. You also have made yourself as difficult to access as possible in an attempt to run out the clock on any Town Hall event which would allow your constituents to share how you are failing to exceed even our lowest expectations.


But at least we know, as our Representative continues, that we can all

“Rest assured, the best part of my job is working for you – you’re the boss!”

Excuse, me, that line makes me throw up in my mouth a little. If we’re the boss, Mr. Hudson, then in the words of Donald Trump, “You’re fired!” Or at least you will be after your next primary.
Richard Hudson concludes his missive with the statement

“All-in-all, it was a productive week in the district, and I’m looking forward to continuing the important conversation this week.”
“Productive,” of course, is political speak for “picking up those campaign donations.” And as for “continuing the conversation”? Are you serious? When did you ever begin a conversation with your constituents? You’ve been avoiding us the entire August recess! But, on the offhand chance you really are serious about having a conversation with us, just let us know about one upcoming event on that top secret “hard working” schedule of yours. We’ll take care of the rest.

Obviously the only time that Congressman Hudson really wants to hear anything from his “Constituents” is when he wants us to go to the polls and vote him into office once again. Really?

For more information or to get involved with Cabarrus Conservative
Alliance – PAC, please visit our blog page at, our facebook page Cabarrus Conservative Alliance, on twitter @ccp_pac or send us an e-mail to

High Noon with Representative Richard Hudson

HIgh Noon With Hudson

Join Us for

High Noon with Representative Richard Hudson

Friday, August 14th Noon

325 McGill Ave NW 500

Concord, NC 28027


During the 2014 election which saw the Republicans take back the Senate and increase their majority in the House, we the people were made specific promises and assured definite action on: repealing Obamacare, stopping amnesty, ending tax payer funded abortion, strengthening our military, and reining in the lawlessness of this current Administration.

Sadly, in the months since then we have seen Obamacare AND amnesty actually funded by our GOP House majority through Cromnibus and other funding measures. We have seen the Senate capitulate on defunding the inhumane crushing, dismemberment and selling of unborn babies in the slaughterhouses of Planned Parenthood. We are on the verge of creating a nuclear Iran which is intent on wiping “The Big Satan’” of the United States and “The Little Satan” of the nation of Israel off the face of the earth. We have watched our Republican majority double down on their impotency by adamantly refusing to use their Constitutional power of the purse. All of this has happened under the leadership of the current Speaker of the House John Boehner. We can be certain that if John Boehner is allowed to continue as Speaker, given his vindictive measures against Representatives who “get out of line” by actually attempting to keep their word to their constituents, there is ZERO chance of any GOP Rep keeping his campaign promises.

Representative Mark Meadows (11th District) understands this and has taken the bold step to file a Motion to Vacate the office of Speakership and replace John Boehner with an effective leader who will uphold the principles of the Constitution and the platform of the Republican Party. Replacing John Boehner as Speaker is the first and most obvious action which will enable the GOP majority to begin to keep the promises they made to us during this past election.

Representative Richard Hudson is now serving his second term as our US Representative here in the 8th District. Just as our fellow North Carolinians are using the August Congressional recess to meet at the offices of their Representatives, we in the 8th District cannot let this opportunity pass. On Friday, August 14th at 12 noon we will meet at Representative Hudson’s Concord office at 325 McGill Ave #500 to present our concerns and hopefully hear his solutions.

We want SPECIFIC answers, not platitudes and generalities, to these specific questions:


  • We know that Representative Richard Hudson is firmly Pro Life. Therefore, specifically WHAT is Richard Hudson willing to do in order to defund Planned Parenthood? Does he think saving the lives of millions of unborn children is actually worth shutting the government down?


  • We know that Representative Richard Hudson is pro-military and for a strong national defense. WHAT specifically is Richard Hudson willing to do in order to stop the Iran Treaty from being enacted? Does he think it is worth shutting the government down to protect the nation of Israel and to stop this treaty from going forward? On the Democrat side we’ve already seen New York Senator Charles Schumer sacrifice his potential political future in order to stand against this suicidal treaty. Is our own 8th District Representative willing to take this same stand?


  • Representative Hudson has stated he “opposed Meadows’ resolution, [saying] that it would divert attention from the Iran agreement.” WHY does Richard Hudson support the failed leadership of John Boehner and believe that he should retain the Speakership? WHAT specific actions can Richard Hudson point to which demonstrate how John Boehner has shown strong leadership in upholding the Constitution, the GOP Platform and standing up to the current Administration? WHY does Richard Hudson think the GOP’s record of losing battle after battle will alter given the current Leadership?

Representative Hudson, we, your constituents WANT to believe in you. We WANT to believe you are standing up to the DC Establishment. We WANT to believe you are fighting to keep the promises you made to us. The time has come for you to SHOW us by taking an active public stand – even if it costs you your political career – by stopping the taxpayer funding of murder through Planned Parenthood, the taxpayer funding of terrorism through the enabling of a nuclear Iran, and the taxpayer funded failure of GOP Leadership through Speaker John Boehner. We in the 8th District will stand with you – but you have to SHOW us that you are standing up for us.

Get Schooled on the Electoral College

Double Feature

Do You Understand the Electoral College?


The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College

Dear Friend,

When political wonks debate the merits of the Electoral College, do you yawn with boredom? Or, do you passionately believe we should scrap this confusing (to many) and complicated method of selecting our next president in favor of a majority-of-votes-wins system? Maybe you have only the vaguest idea what the Electoral College is and, frankly, couldn’t care less. If any of these describe you, check out this week’s two-video double-release. In Do You Understand the Electoral College? and The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College, author and lawyer Tara Ross explains the Electoral College in a way that will make you perk up next time the topic is raised. Here’s why:

Electoral College
Electoral College

Click above or here to watch this video

You’ll learn exactly what the Electoral College is, and why it’s an ingenious system that protects us from the tyranny of the majority, makes it harder for political machines to steal elections, and makes it almost impossible for big states to marginalize small states.

NVP vs. Electoral College
NPV vs. Electoral College

Click above or here to watch this video

You’ll also learn about the National Popular Vote, which is the current effort to destroy the Electoral College. The idea of giving the presidency to the winner of the most votes is seductive — it sounds reasonable and fair. Ms. Ross explains why you should think again before jumping on the NPV bandwagon.

In just ten minutes, you’ll understand more about the Electoral College than most politicians — including how the Electoral College is crucial to preserving the liberty that we all enjoy. Watch the videos here
and let us know what you think.


Marissa Streit

Chief Operating Officer

P.S. You can listen to PragerU courses as a podcast — perfect for when you’re driving or walking and just want to listen to audio rather than watch a video. Go to iTunes and download the podcasts of more than 100 PragerU videos — for free.

Support HB 463



To see the actual draft of the bill click on this link: HB 463 Text

Many Citizens of Cabarrus County have indicated a desire to increase the size of the Cabarrus County Commissioners Board in an effort to have better representation for all areas of Cabarrus County. In light of recent articles in the Independent Tribune (Cabarrus among nation’s fastest-growing counties) about the growth of our county this is certainly an idea whose time has come.

It is important that we let Representatives Ford and Pittman know that we support their efforts and we need to tell the current Cabarrus County Commissioners that this is something we want them to embrace as well. In order to make that much easier we would like to ask everyone to please sign this petition “Expand Cabarrus County Board Of Commissioners”
Please share this e-mail with everyone you know in Cabarrus County and help us get this change made so all Cabarrus County voters voices and their interests might be better represented.

Thank you for your time and efforts in support of this issue.
Ronnie Long
Cabarrus Conservative Alliance – PAC

Sewer Sludge Bill Introduced

A bill to allow local control of Sewer Sludge application has been introduced by Representatives Larry Pittman, Carl Ford and Michael Speciale.

HB 61 Local Control/Land Application of Biosolids.

This bill would ALLOW the citizens of each county and local municipality to make decisions about what happens in their communities. Most importantly this bill does not require a county to do anything, but will simply ALLOW the local county to do this if they so choose.

The NC League of Municipalities is opposed to this bill because it returns the control of these decisions to the local citizens.

This is what NC League of Municipalities had to say: Legislation Could Change Land Application Regulations

HB 61 Local Control/Land Application of Biosolids was filed Monday and is scheduled for a committee hearing next week. The League opposes this bill because it would limit land application practices and disrupt well-established law that leaves regulation of biosolids at the state and federal levels. By allowing county boards to dictate how residuals from wastewater utilities are disposed, the bill could prove costly for municipal utilities if they are forced to change their treatment processes. The bill is expected to be heard next Thursday in House Committee on Local Government. Contact: Sarah Collins

They are admitting that this bill “would limit land application practices which is the intent of the new legislation. It is returning the power to the people at a local level. Who better than Local County Boards should have the responsibility to regulate these applications, through public notice to the people and providing them the right to say what they want or don’t want applied in their communities. This is desirable over bureaucratic control from easily influenced politicians who don’t have any stake in what happens locally.

Please contact the members of the House Standing Committee (listed below) and encourage them to move forward with HB61 and to vote in support of this change to our existing legislation. In addition contact Sarah Collins at the NC League of Municipalities and tell them you want their support of this change as well.

Local Government

House Standing Committee

  • Meets Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. in 643 LOB


Chairman Rep. Davis
Chairman Rep. Ford
Vice Chairman Rep. Langdon
Members Rep. Ager, Rep. Boles, Rep. Brawley, Rep. R. Brown, Rep. Burr, Rep. Cleveland, Rep. Faircloth, Rep. Farmer-Butterfield, Rep. Fisher, Rep. Floyd, Rep. G. Graham, Rep. Holley, Rep. Jeter, Rep. Luebke, Rep. Pendleton, Rep. Ross, Rep. Setzer, Rep. Szoka, Rep. Warren, Rep. Watford

Link to House Standing Committee

Tell NCGA No More Taxes on our Gas!

When is Enough really Enough?

Taxed Enough Already
Haven’t we sacrificed enough?

Things looking rather dicey in House for

NC Chamber’s gas tax hike

legisOur sources in the lower chamber on Jones Street tell us that the vote on the gas tax hike / ”revenue stabilization” nonsense that passed the GOP-dominated Senate with flying colors will face much more drama in the House. I’m told there are a surprising number of Democrats who are not interested in backing this “dog.” One Republican legislator told me:

”This could very well go down to the wire. A good chunk of the caucus is not happy with this bill. But the leadership, the lobbyists, and the governor are twisting some arms hard. They want this bad. This bill is not good for the people. It’s not good for the party. It kills our reputation as the low-tax, small-government party. If people don’t get on the phones and burn up the lines here, voicing their displeasure, this is going to pass and the government will be taking even more money out of their pockets.”

twstSources tell me the legislation is packed with all kinds of extraneous elements — shades of the Tillis era — that could force some legislators to vote against some good, important things in their fight against the gas tax hike.

The NC Chamber has put out an economic study — authored by an engineer, curiously — promoting the gas tax hike. The document bears the highly- Orwellian title “Diversifying Revenues to Improve Commerce and Economic Prosperity.

You may recall that the Chamber is behind those horrible TV ads claiming that our kids are going to DIE unless we agree to pay more taxes and take on more debt. The arguments for this boondoggle sound hauntingly like those made in defense of Barry Obama’s stimulus. And we all know how, um *well* that turned out.

John Locke’s Roy Cordato put together an excellent piece tearing the NC Chamber and its “study” a new one:

Read More Here:

We need to pick up the phones Monday morning and call our representatives in Raleigh. Tell the to vote no on any new gas taxes. Remind them that we are elected them to cut the size and cost of North Carolina’s government.

Find your representative at this Link:



January 2015 Monthly Meeting

Let’s get 2015 started off “RIGHT”!

Please join with other Conservative minded friends as we share food and fellowship while hearing from a highly motivated Patriot,

Vince Coakley.


6:30 Buffet Dinner ($10.00 per person)
7:00 – 8:00 Meeting
8:00 – 8:45 Social time
Troutmans BBQ
1388 Warren Coleman Boulevard
Hwy 601 Bypass
Concord, NC 28027

Vince Coakley’s Bio.


  • Vince Coakley is a former broadcast television journalist, anchor, and radio host in Charlotte, North Carolina, and formerly a candidate for North Carolina’s Twelfth Congressional District.

    Vince made the decision to run for Congress after a great deal of prayer, reflection, and counsel with his family. Through this deep and personal process, Vince focused on the dysfunction in Washington and Congress and how it is adversely affecting the families of the Twelfth District.

    After much deliberation, Vince concluded Democrats and Republicans are both to blame for the record debt, dearth of quality jobs, and oppressive regulations that are impeding our economic recovery and opportunities for families and small businesses of the Twelfth District. For these reasons, Vince Coakley decided to run for Congress in the 2014 election cycle on a platform highlighting personal freedom and liberty above political parties and labels.

    In order to create more jobs and strengthen our economy, Vince believes we must prioritize freedom, liberty, and opportunity ahead of Democrat and Republican politics. These are the eternal principles that guided our Founding Fathers in creating our Constitution which created the greatest nation on Earth, and that will resurrect the United States as the most free and prosperous nation full of opportunity for all.

    Vince’s primary passion is God’s glory. As a minister of the Gospel, he works in partnership with other leaders to help believers live as healthy functioning priests in the Body of Christ.

    Vince and his wife of 21 years, Debbie, live in Charlotte and are the proud parents of four children.



Cabarrus County Commission Meeting On Sewage Sludge

Next Stop Cabarrus County
Next Stop Cabarrus County

Cabarrus County Commission Meeting On Sewage Sludge in Our Communities- Please Attend and Be Heard

Please join the members of the Gold Hill and Midland Communities in attending the Cabarrus County Commission Meeting on December the 15th to discuss the expansion of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg sewage sludge spreading program into Cabarrus and surrounding counties.

As you may know, Cabarrus County operates a “poo to power” facility that turns sewage sludge into electricity. Charlotte-Mecklenburg wants to expand their sewage sludge program to include more sites in Cabarrus County as well as re-permit existing sites in Cabarrus County.

This is a conflict since Cabarrus County does not spread any of their own sewage sludge on farmland; rather it is turned into electricity. This reduces dependency on coal, eliminates coal ash and helps the economy of Cabarrus County.

While the poo to power facility cannot handle 100% of Charlotte’s sewage sludge, this facility has the capability to handle the sewage sludge proposed in the expansion as well as any currently being disposed of on Cabarrus County and Gold Hill Community farmland by Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Just remember, we have strength in numbers and your opinions/thoughts/concerns are extremely valuable and MUST be heard.

The Cabarrus County Commission is in a unique spot to impact upcoming decisions on sewage sludge spreading in our communities; your voice WILL be heard at this meeting.

Meeting Date/Time:

Monday, Dec. 15, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.


Commissioners Meeting Room
Cabarrus County Governmental Center
65 Church St. SE
Concord, NC

If you have questions, contact Luke Riley at 704-279-5110

Sewer Sludge being disposed of in Cabarrus County

Below you will find more documentation regarding this issue.

Permit Number WQ0000057

Major Permit Modification to add 1500 acres to the current Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Dept. (CMUD) sewage residuals land application program/permit

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities is no longer disposing of solid waste from their wastewater treatment plants (a.k.a. sludge, biosolids, compost, etc) in South Carolina, therefore CMUD and the NC Dept. of the Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) is expanding their wastewater treatment plant residuals land application program to include more of Cabarrus, Rowan, Iredell, etc. counties. These “biosolids” are considered class B, which means that only 8 chemicals are monitored for safety and must be permitted for disposal. Live bacteria such as e.coli are ever-present due to the lack of treatment with combustion as is done in Cabarrus County. This material is a mix of effluent from homes, industries, hospitals, funeral homes and other businesses dealing with human pathogens and harmful chemicals.

As we all know, Charlotte experiences incidents where PCBs and other toxins are released to the wastewater system. These harmful, cancer-causing agents are processed out and remain in the sludge, this sludge is then composted and land applied. Things like lime and enzymes are added to the mixture to cut down on the odor in order to make it tolerable for citizens in the communities where spreading occurs and to counteract the acidity of the sewage solids. However things like PCBs, many heavy metals, industrial chemicals, pathogens, viruses and other harmful chemicals that are produced in urban areas go untested and thus, unobserved since they do not give off the odors of human waste. Note that previous to the recent land application ban in South Carolina, Chester County, SC was accepting much of Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Department sludge and also has one of the highest cancer rates in the state.

CMUD has engaged with a company named Synagro, who offers this mixture of sewage sludge, enzymes and lime to farmers and spreads the material on crop or forage land for free. Some of the harmful chemicals are taken up by the plants and consumed by the livestock, which are sold at market, while some chemicals and e. coli bacteria go through the ground and end up in the surrounding well water, while some chemicals get eroded during rain events and end up in our creeks, streams, rivers and wildlife. As you can see, buying/eating local may not be as healthy as once perceived with the addition of this material in the area, even wildlife consumption will become questionable as well.

So, why not question the safety of these “biosolids” to the officials listed below?

  • Given the recent contamination events in Charlotte with PCBs and other toxins, why aren’t these residuals tested rigorously and thoroughly to protect the citizens in other counties where the material is spread?
  • If this material is so safe, why doesn’t Charlotte-Mecklenburg County use it on its sports fields, golf courses, municipal areas, recreational areas and citizen’s lawns?
  • If this material is so safe, why isn’t it shipped to South Carolina anymore?
  • If this material is so safe, why does it require permitting and regulations regarding their distribution?
  • If this material is so safe, why is Charlotte trucking it all the way to Gold Hill to dispose of it?
  • If this material is so safe, why are there so many horror stories and advocacy groups against it?
  • Why can’t Charlotte treat their wastewater residuals the way that Cabarrus County does, with a waste incinerator (Class A), instead of land applying class B sludge in Cabarrus County?

Contacts for questions on hearings, objections to permit expansion:

Mr. Tim Wool
U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency, Region 4
(404) 562-9260

NC Dept. of the Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) Contacts:

Jon Risgaard, Unit Supervisor- 919-807-6458

Jaime Kritzer, Public Information Officer

NC Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources

1601 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-160

The rest of the DENR Staff-

CMUD Contacts:

Jean Creech, Biosolids Program Manager


Jackie Jarrel, CMUD Treatment Plant Manger


NC House of Representatives for Cabarrus County:

Larry G. Pittman (R) 704-782-3528

NC House of Representatives

16 West Jones Street , Room 1321

Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners:

Elizabeth “Liz” Poole- 704-782-4723

Larry Burrage- 704-792-7744,

Christopher Measmer- 704-783-5880

Stephen “Steve” Morris- 704-932-5126

Jason Oesterreich- 704-794-6655

County Attorney:

Richard Koch- 704-503-5700

Informative Websites:


Video with testimony from NC residents/farmers

Video on biosolids advertising

Story of SC farmer currently embattled with Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities and Synagro

Winthrop University Article on Sludge

Sewage Sludge Action Network

Cornell University Report

EPA Overview

here is a link to the current and proposed spreading locations, zoom in to find the 4 digit number boxes, those are newly applied permits application areas

Dangers of trucking sludge

Impacts at High Rock Lake

Impact of sewage sludge spreading on wildlife/hunting

from :“and at least one Class A product has been touted as a deer repellant in the popular press.”

From food modernization act of 2013 (

Proposed Sec. 112.53 would prohibit the use of human waste for growing covered produce, except sewage sludge biosolids used inaccordance with the requirements of 40 CFR Part 503, subpart D, or equivalent regulatory requirements. Human waste has a high probability of containing multiple diverse human pathogens, including bacteria, parasites and viruses, at potentially very large populations, thus presenting a significant likelihood of harboring and spreading these various microbiological hazards (Ref. 92).”

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