About CCA – PAC


Cabarrus Conservative Alliance was founded in March 2014 in order to give Constitutionally minded Conservative voters of North Carolina a forum to talk about and rally support for Constitutionally Conservative candidates desiring to run for office or seeking re-election. In addition it is a place where we can come together to discuss issues of great importance to all North Carolinians.

Cabarrus Conservative Alliance is an Independent Expenditure Committee (super PAC) registered with the NC Board of Elections office in Raleigh North Carolina.

Our goal:

  • To advance the cause of Constitutional Conservative Values, principles, issues and candidates.
  • To help good Conservative candidates get public recognition and to advance the philosophy of Smaller Government, Accountability in Government and Personal Responsibility.
  • To encourage voters to work within their local county governmental structure to find ways to promote the benefits of living and working in their Counties.
  • To find ways to bring new businesses and jobs to our counties and state while supporting the existing businesses and citizens who have helped build our great state.

Our Mission:

To restore our Counties and our State to the Constitutional Republic form of government our Founding Fathers envisioned by working for and electing Constitutionally Conservative minded people to office who will look out for the best interest of the citizens.


Thinking about getting involved? Give us a way to contact you by filling out the information below.

2 thoughts on “About CCA – PAC”

  1. will you be vetting any of the judges on the Nov 2014 ballot? I got a mailer from the NC BofE with a bio of all of the candidates but it doesn’t have any of their decisions listed or how it affects NC citizens. I have seen nothing to help voters out here, how do we wade thru the mire??

  2. We have not been able to get all of the information about the judges ether. Judge Martin B. (Marty) McGee for NC Superior Court Judge District 19A, Brent Cloninger for NC District Court Judge District 19A, Steven A Grossman for NC District Court Judge District 19A and Judge William G. Hamby, Jr. for NC District Court Judge District 19A are the only ones we have good information on. We hope this is helpful.

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