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Parish Moffitt to primary Fletcher Hartsell

Parish Moffitt

to primary

Fletcher Hartsell

Cabarrus Conservative Alliance is excited to report that
a primary challenger has emerged to run for NC State Senate District 36!
December 4th, 2015
CONTACT: Parish Moffitt
(704) 425-6648
parish@parish4ncsenate.comPARISH MOFFITT ANNOUNCES CANDIDACY FOR NORTH CAROLINA SENATE DISTRICT-36 SEATCONCORD, NC, December 4, 2015 – With family, friends and supporters at his side, Parish Moffitt formally announced today his candidacy for North Carolina Senate District 36 seat.
In his announcement, Moffitt described his campaign for office and his vision to see a return to government “of, by, and for the People.””I am one of you; one of ‘We the People’,” said Moffitt. “I believe that my life’s experiences, professional attributes, my abilities, skills, political philosophy, and rational understanding of the issues uniquely qualify me to be an authentic representative of the great people of Cabarrus and Union county and position me as the best candidate for the North Carolina Senate in 2016.”Thomas Jefferson said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”. Parish’s long held values of honesty and integrity were instilled into him at an early age and then reinforced while he served in the US NAVY. “There are some that believe a little slip of omission from time to time is acceptable; however, as was engrained into my very fiber these little omissions eventually result in casualties”, said Moffitt.

“I believe that North Carolina, America, and the Republican Party need to recommit to the enduring principles on which America was founded: limited government, free markets, personal liberty, and most importantly personal responsibility,” Moffitt proclaimed. “We need to stop acting like there is shame in holding fast to conservative values and principles! We need new, fresh, honest, and principled leaders who have the courage and conviction to recommit to those principles. We need a Senator whose motivation for seeking elected office is not driven by what’s best for him; but, rather, by the desire to serve the People as a public servant.”

Parish Moffitt is a Flight Deck Captain with PSA Airlines (a subsidiary of American Airlines), a North Carolina Paramedic and Rescue Technician, Serves as the chairman to the Board for a non-profit, is a United States NAVY veteran, and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of North Carolina School of Government. Parish and his wife Jacqueline live in Concord. One daughter, Sarah, lives at home with Parish and Jacqueline, and is majoring in Early Education. Their other daughter, Steffany, is majoring in Chemistry, and plans to teach high school after graduation. Parish and his family are active members of First Presbyterian Church in Concord, North Carolina.

To interview Parish Moffitt, contact him at parish@parish4ncsenate.com or (704) 425-6648

Cabarrus Conservative Alliance PAC would like to encourage you to investigate this candidate and learn all that you can about him as the Primary elections will be held March 15, 2016.

Ronnie Long – Founder
Cabarrus Conservative Alliance